Thursday , 12 December 2019
  • Are you still looking for a breakthrough for your great product?

  • Are you dreaming to expand to global sales?

  • Are you selling in certain markets and are willing to expand operations and promote activities?

About Us

GlobalWise specializes in entrepreneurship, business development, marketing and sales on the international market.

GlobalWise focuses on hi-tech products, especially on supervisory, control and management systems, hardware and software, in the following fields:

– Health Systems and Medical Devices
– Manufacturing
– Building management
– Utilities
– Energy
– Transport
– Security and surveillance

and more.

The GlobalWise team prides itself on its vast experience of cooperation with international corporations, its proven record in management, marketing and sales infrastructure, and in its many contacts worldwide.

GlobalWise “Five Step Plan”, starting with product and marketing analysis, defining a clear marketing strategy, compiling a detailed business/marketing plan, and, most importantly – leading to effective and focused marketing and sales.


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