Tuesday , 19 November 2019

New Cooperation Agreement

Cooperation Agreement signed between GlobalWise and Ocean Data Systems

Ocean Data Systems (ODS) and GlobalWise have signed today the agreement for cooperation on marketing and sales development of ODS’ products in the international market.

The purpose of the cooperation is to increase sales and expand activities to new branches and geographical regions and find new strategic partners.

The agreement was signed by Alexander Mazal, the CEO of ODS and Gabi Weiss, General Manager of GlobalWise.

ODS is developing software solutions for the industrial and enterprise market and focuses on turning field data into a valuable information. With over 20 years of experience in both Industrial and enterprise applications, ODS’ flagship software is Dream Report®, an intuitive programming-free and user-friendly reporting tool for industrial automation. Dream Report® proactively generates and distributes reports to anyone and can also aggregate clean and accurate data from multiple heterogeneous data sources.

GlobalWise specializes in the promotion and improvement of marketing and sales on the international market. It focuses on hi-tech products, especially on supervisory, control and management systems, hardware and software, in Manufacturing, building management, utilities, energy, transport, security and surveillance, medical devices and more.

GabiWise4Gabi Weiss
Alexander-MazalAlexander Mazal

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